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The Cupcake Diaries: Recipes and Memories from the Sisters of Georgetown Cupcake

I love and enjoy cooking. A couple of years ago, I started making cupcakes on special occasion. I am an avid fan of Georgetown Cupcake and decided to buy their new recipe book. I received the book the other day and I can’t wait to try their new recipes!

Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole Recipe

We’re supposed to go to our cousin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner but she decided not to host the party since she and her daughter weren’t feeling well. So dear hubby had to come up with Thanksgiving dinner. I badly wanted to have green bean casserole but too lazy to do it. But, I just want [...]

Yummy Sunday: Seafood Soup

It’s been a while since I wanted to join Yummy Sunday meme but I just didn’t have the time to do it. This is my first time here, so please bear with me. This is my own version of seafood soup which includes Manila clams, mussels, shrimps, ginger, sweet peppers, green onions, 1 cup water, [...]

Baked Tilapia For Dinner

Craving for baked fish for days but I wasn’t able to go to Ranch 99 store to buy fish until yesterday. I made my own version of Baked Tilapia for dinner. I put sliced orange, green onions, crushed garlic, ginger, salt, 1 tablespoon of butter, and paper to taste, and wrapped it with aluminum foil [...]

Easy Healthy Food Recipes

There are so many healthy food recipes that can be found in the internet. These are courtesy of those who are willing to share their part on changing the lifestyle of every one. Even those for children who are picky eaters, there are recipes available too. For children to develop healthy eating foods must be [...]

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