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Importance Of Integrated Eye Care Practices

Many eye doctors feel that it more important today than ever before to integrate multiple services into one-stop eye care centres. Most patients visit an optometrist for their routine eye examinations. If specialised care is needed, then the optometrist must usually refer the patient to an ophthalmologist. In many cases, depending upon the ophthalmologist’s, findings, [...]

Glucosamine Vitamins And Supplements

Glucosamine is actually a nutritional health supplement that could promote specific the different parts of your cartilage to flourish and replicate. Glucosamine has been used for many years in the European countries for treating arthritis with positive results. Glucosamine will help your body synthesize and convey specialized molecules known as glycosaminoglycans. Glucosamine plays a huge [...]

Jollibee Chicken Joy

I have been craving for Jollibee Chicken Joy for weeks. Last Saturday, we decided to go to Seafood City and had dinner in Jollibbe. Jollibee, by the way, is actually a well-known fast food chain in the Philippines, much more popular compared to McDonald’s and KFC. I didn’t order spaghetti for myself because I don’t [...]

Healthy Foods: The Way to Beat Cholesterol

Everyone loves to eat but when it comes to choosing between the healthy and unhealthy stuff it seems that there’s a tough call to make. Most people who are into fast foods could face a health dilemma; these foods are unhealthy and could increase the risk of getting heart diseases due to high cholesterol. Now [...]

Baked Tilapia For Dinner

Craving for baked fish for days but I wasn’t able to go to Ranch 99 store to buy fish until yesterday. I made my own version of Baked Tilapia for dinner. I put sliced orange, green onions, crushed garlic, ginger, salt, 1 tablespoon of butter, and paper to taste, and wrapped it with aluminum foil [...]

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