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Bowl Games

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

College football season is almost over. The only games left are the bowl games. My husband was trying to find the schedule for all of the bowl games that would be coming on soon. He tried to find it in the newspaper, but had a hard time finding all of them. He wanted to know exactly which channel and what time each game would be coming on. I told him to go to to find a schedule of the games through our satellite provider. He went online and was able to find an organized schedule of all of the bowl games. He is so glad that he knows the whole schedule, and that he will be able to record any of the games that he might miss. Unfortunately, this means that football will constantly be on at our house for the next week or two. Thankfully for me, all of these games mean that football season is almost over. It’s ok though because all of my shows will be starting back after the new year and he will be stuck watching most of them.

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