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A Gift For Neighbors

Choosing a gift for special neighbours could be challenging sometimes. It would be hard to pick something that the whole family could enjoy. Good thing we could pick a gift basket specialty to be given to special families to enjoy on Christmas eve.

Of course it would be best if I could give something that I cooked/made myself, but I don’t think I have that much time. Some people are naturally born cooks and are so good at the kitchen you would actually think they are chefs minus the chef coats!

If people would ask me what I’d like for Christmas, I actually have a long list… but I don’t mind receiving a box of dark chocolates. I am not sure if I could eat any of it, though since I know the kids would love them as much as I do. Wait, that reminds me, I think I can give the kids in our neighbourhood some of those choco lollies that I can make. But we all know that the holidays would be the busiest season of the year, so I am not sure I would have the time and energy to make one. If not, I could always get a box of goodies from the nearest store. Oh, the holidays… so much to do, so little time!

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