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Family Ritual

Written by my friend Betty Walls

I went to before going to visit my mom in Florida so I could make sure she knew how to upgrade her tv before I got there! We are both such homebodies, that we actually enjoy spending time together on the couch in front of the tv at night. Maybe a glass of wine for extra kicks. We are such simple creatures! The only thing that sometimes gets on my nerves is that if she doesn’t like a show that’s on tv, instead of changing the channel herself (which is totally fine by me), she complains and asks me to change it. BUT SHE HAS THE REMOTE! And it’s her TV. It’s not like she doesn’t know how to use the remote! I try to find shows that I know she can watch episodes back to back without complaining. For instance, the show Criminal Minds always does the trick, as does the show Dexter. She also likes the (relatively) new show Boardwalk Empire, the Martin Scorcese show on HBO, which is terrific. I don’t feel guilty about our tv watching at all. We wake up early, exercise like maniacs and run around all day until dinner. And then we crash in front of the tv. It’s heaven. I can’t wait to see her!

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