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Find The Right Jobs For Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy jobs are a good way to make a heap of money while helping people improve their capability to accomplish various tasks for their living and working conditions. Most of these individuals have problems with mental, physical, developmental, or emotional disabling problems. Occupational therapists work towards a time frame with patients suffering from accidental [...]

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle | How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve been hearing about healthy lifestyle, but what is a healthy lifestyle anyway? Personally, I’m not even sure if I am living that way. I hope I could find a book about how to live a healthy lifestyle that contains easy to follow tips for a healthy lifestyle. What worries me though is, it could [...]

Yummy Sunday: Whole Maine Lobster

Both dear hubby and I have been craving for Lobster for days. So last week, we decided to go to Winco and bought two whole Maine lobster which were on sale. They normally cost $20+ each, but we were just lucky they’re on sale. It was only $8.98 each so went ahead and bought two. [...]

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