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Jollibee Chicken Joy

I have been craving for Jollibee Chicken Joy for weeks. Last Saturday, we decided to go to Seafood City and had dinner in Jollibbe. Jollibee, by the way, is actually a well-known fast food chain in the Philippines, much more popular compared to McDonald’s and KFC. I didn’t order spaghetti for myself because I don’t eat beef. My husband and kids did try out the Jolibee Spaghetti and they loved it. When it comes to fast food fried chicken,  I’m actually much more on the Jollibee Chicken Joy type than McDonald’s fried chicken. As for Jollibee here in Seatlte, WA, they don’t serve unlimited gravy like in the Philippines. But fortunately, they did serve gravy with your fried chicken, unlike in some other cities or counties.

jollibee chicken joy</> Jollibee Chicken Joy</>

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