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Healthy Foods: The Way to Beat Cholesterol

Everyone loves to eat but when it comes to choosing between the healthy and unhealthy stuff it seems that there’s a tough call to make. Most people who are into fast foods could face a health dilemma; these foods are unhealthy and could increase the risk of getting heart diseases due to high cholesterol. Now the medical aspects of poor diet should be discussed with a medical professional but taking care of one’s body is your won responsibility.

The journey towards a healthier body and lower cholesterol should start by with a change in diet. Get to know the food that you eat, remove the bad stuff and increase the good ones. Here’s a list of foods that can help you lower cholesterol:

Fruits and Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables should be a staple to one’s diet. This food group is known for its healthy content. On the other hand, a number of fruits contain antioxidant properties. At least two servings of fruits everyday are highly recommended. The best way to enjoy this serving is by mixing a few selections and making a fresh, fruit salad.

Fish and Sea Foods

These are known for its omega 3 fatty acids that are nutritious and one of the best choices to fight bad cholesterol. Tuna, salmon and oysters are just some of the examples.

Legumes, Grains and Nuts

A small serving of nuts, legumes and grains could help increase the amino acids in one’s body. This is a good snack alternative than having chips.

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